About Us

Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Administration

I. Main Responsibilities

1. Adhere to national principles, policies, rules and regulations on tourism; work out industrial development planning, policies and standards; formulate local regulations and draft regulations; guide tourism work in towns and townships.

2. Design market development strategy for domestic, inbound and outbound tourism in the province; organize image publicity and popularization activities.

3. Survey, design, develop and protect tourism resources; guide the planning and development of key tourism regions, destinations and routes; conduct vacation and tourism; monitor economic operation in tourism; address tourism statistics and information release; and give guidance to holiday tour and red tour.

4.  Standardize tourism market order, ensure the quality of service, and guarantee rights and interests of tourists and managers; standardize operation and service of enterprises and practitioners; organize the implementation of standards for tour regions, facilities, service and products; ensure safety of tourists and undertake emergency responses; guide the establishment of credit system and building of spiritual civilization; and give guidance to the business of the whole tourism industry.

5. Report travel agencies operating international tourism and inbound tourism, examine and approve travel agencies operating national tourism; manage inbound tourism in the province; check and issue tourism visa notification; verify the qualification of foreign tourism agencies; administer tourism practitioner; and be in charge of relevant work of tourism.

6.  Formulate talent planning and organize the implementation; guide training programs; and be responsible for professional qualification standards.

7. Perform other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.


According to the above responsibilities, the Department sets up 7 divisions.

1. General Office

Take charge of government affairs and urge the implementation of government work system; organize meetings and supervise the implementation of results from meetings; be in charge of document draw-ups and management, office automation, news release, confidential files, archives, secrecy, government affairs transparency, reception, complaint treatment, and security; be responsible for financial affairs, state-owned asset management; supervise and manage quality assurance of travel agencies, and give guidance to local tourism departments; coordinate and direct vacation tour activities; take charge of tour safety, emergency responses and tourism assurance.

2. Division of Policy and Rule

Enact industrial development policies, principles and rules; draw up local regulations and draft regulations; investigate and study major issues in industrial reform and development; be in charge of publicity for legal system and systematic reform of tourism, supervision of law-enforcement, and administrative reexamination; compile travel logs and corresponding yearbooks.

3. Division of International Tourism Promotion

Formulate strategy and planning for tourism market development and organize the implementation; take charge of international tourism market information; organize image publicity and international tourism promotion; organize, verify and administer tour publicity materials concerning foreign affairs; be responsible for invitation and reception of foreign tour journalists and businesspeople, and cooperation and exchanges with foreign travel agencies.

4. Division of Planning and Development

Work out development strategy of tourism and urge the implementation; investigate tourism resources across the province; set up overall planning for provincial tourist attractions; develop key tourism programs; give guidance to tourist attractions planning and development in cities and towns; conduct private investment in tourism; verify provincial tourist resort with corresponding divisions; report and administrate significant tourism investment projects; carry out development of tourism products and programs; coordinate related issues in building public service system; perform statistics and service standards of tourist attractions and holiday resort; take charge of rating the quality of tourist attractions, development of tourism artwork and souvenir, and red tourism.

5. Division of Supervision and Administration

Plan out provincial standards of market management and service and organize the implementation; build up spiritual civilization and credit system for tourism; examine and approve travel agencies operating international tourism; manage inbound tourism in the province; check and issue tourism visa notification; check and report foreign travel agencies; approve travel agencies operating national tourism; organize the implementation of service standards for tourist lodging, travel agencies, vehicles and programs; administer ID cards for tour guides; manage tour guide activities; organize star-rating of tour hotels; be responsible for examination and evaluation of tour service and special tourism.

6. Division of National (Including Hong Kong, Macao SARs and Taiwan Region) Tourism

Enact strategy and planning for national tourism market development; take charge of market information; organize image publicity, tour promotion and holiday celebrations; inspect, approve and manage tour publicity materials; cultivate and improve national tour market and give guidance to tour consumption; and be in charge of invitation and reception of tour journalists and businesspeople across the whole nation (including Hong Kong, Macao SARs and Taiwan region), cooperation and exchanges with travel agencies in the country, and tour information and publicity.

7. Division of Personnel

Take charge of organization establishment and personnel affairs of the Department and subordinate units; undertake cadre election, appointment and dismissal; organize the implementation of accountability system; conduct staff improvement and training programs; enact talent planning and urge the implementation; organize the verification of professional skills and administration of qualification.